Training Details & Pricing

Learning you enjoy, won't feel like learning

With a one-day private SEO training session completely customised to your business, questions, and challenges.

Training Details & Pricing

SEO Courses and Training to take your skills to the next level

A one-day 1-2-1 SEO lesson that will give you the skills and resources to double your organic traffic and scale your business. 

Learn my tips and tricks and level up your SEO game

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Technical SEO - Tools & Execution

Set the right technical SEO foundation for your website by identifying issues at the backend of your website and knowing how to fix them.
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.

Keyword strategy - Keyword Research and Planning

Learn how to find target keywords and how to build a strategy that will help your website rank on page #1 on search engines.
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
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Website optimization - strategic on-page SEO

Optimise your pages for the search engines by learning how to improve various elements on your page for SEO
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
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SEO copywriting - Content writing

Write relevant and optimised content and improve your brand visibility and credibility with powerful content.
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
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Digital PR - Link building

Master the art of promoting yourself and your content online, and build organic backlinks that give your site authority.
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.

SEO tools - SEO resources

Learn the ins and outs of our favourite SEO auditing tools and how to use them to your advantage.
Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
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I've worked with Ghalib in various ways over the last years. He's an incredible analytical marketer and has shown he can Boost the customer base.

-Jasper Martins, CMO - PensionBee

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I train you 1-2-1 to get maximum value 

I teach 1-2-1 sessions to business owners and in-house teams that want to benefit from a lesson tailored to their needs and questions. It’s an interactive course where I first teach search engine optimisation and then I answer all your questions while working on your business website together.  

The way I teach is simple. I teach the fundamentals of SEO by breaking up the topic into six sub-topics and taking you through each subject at your own pace. I find that my students learn SEO best when training is not overwhelming with information but slow-paced yet impactful.  

I also teach you SEO based on your industry, customers, and competitors. It’s all about you and your learning.  Let me show you how to create an SEO strategy from start to finish for your business that will drive long-term and organic traffic.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate team looking to level up your in-house skills, you’ve come to the right place.

My past experience in leading teams of 30+ to now coaching my own in-house SEO team has given me the skills to help you master SEO.  

You don’t have to have previous knowledge of SEO to take my course. You don’t even have to be a techie or work in marketing. I can help you whatever your level of SEO knowledge.

My bespoke SEO training is for:

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Website Developers,

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In-house teams in start-ups and SMEs,

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Digital marketing pros and sales execs,

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Corporate teams. 

You could be next!

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Ghalib took full ownership of our Boost strategy. From content creation, development, SEO to PPC, we have seen a huge improvement since having him onboard and look forward to the continued success

- Thomas Adams, Head of Digital - Thomas Adams

After my SEO course, you’ll have a concrete SEO plan, on paper.

It’s one thing to leave my course with the knowledge of how to do something and another to know how to apply all this knowledge and execute your strategy.

Don’t worry. I will make sure that, upon completion of your training course, you receive the following:

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a detailed SEO audit of your site.

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An SEO strategy that you can work with.

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A concrete action plan to level up your business.

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Free lifetime email support.

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Lifetime access to the training course material.

The best part? My SEO courses deliver organic results.

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You’ll understand SEO best practices, what you need to improve on your website and how to optimise it for SEO.
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You’ll know how to differentiate from your biggest competitors and outsmart them.
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You’ll be able to convert your visitors into buyers.


Cost for 5 Students from the same group


Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
Cost for Student


Increased average and organic click-through rate by 41%.
You're guaranteed a private session for you and your colleagues

What you’ll receive with this course

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4-5 hours of 1-2-1 bespoke SEO training. 

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Access to online training materials and our SEO e-book to support your knowledge.

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A full website audit and benchmarking of your business amongst your competitors. 

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An SEO strategy for your business and concrete next steps to follow.

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Full support during your journey to SEO success.

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Ghalib Ashrafi is an expert SEO agency in the Fintech market, always working with you not only for you

- James Edison, CMO, JE Global


Is your SEO training suitable for all types of businesses?

SEO training is held online via Zoom or Google Meets.
I offer online sessions only in order to:

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provide the recording of the session in the training materials,

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reduce ticket costs as my students would have to pay a portion of the venue hiring costs,

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reduce commuting costs for my students.

What will I need during the lesson?

My SEO training is online only and requires you to connect to Zoom or Google Meets. A laptop, iPad or phone would suffice.

What time does the session start?

Our sessions start at 10am on the day of the training. You'll receive further details once you've enrolled.

Who is this training suitable for?

My courses are not limited to experienced professionals or SEO experts. They accommodate everyone, from beginners to advanced SEO people.

Can SEO beginners take part in this course?

Of course! This course is for everyone who is interested in learning SEO the right way. It explains both the basics of SEO and dives deep into its best practices.